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Paternity Testing on Long Island, NY

DNA Test Between a Father and Child

The basis of paternity is the inheritance of DNA from both the father and the mother. This marvelous phenomenon has allowed us to advance genetic biology, and one of the marvels of this technology is the development of Paternity testing.

A paternity test is performed to confirm the biological relationship between a child and his alleged father.  Throughout the history of medicine, there have been and still exist various methods for a paternity test, including blood tests and DNA testing. However, with the advancement in medical technology, DNA testing is the most accurate paternity test with an accuracy of 99.9%. 

Paternity Testing can be required in several cases, including immigration, child custody, adoption, child support, will, and other lawful reasons. The sample is collected by rubbing a cotton swab on the inside of your cheeks. It is a simple, effective, and painless procedure where body fluids specifically saliva, is used. The DNA in the saliva of the child and the alleged father is tested, and the results show whether the DNA matches. 

We pride ourselves with the best paternity testing in Long Island. Our testing results are not only accurate but also reliable and trusted by thousands every year!cost information, give us a call!

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Paternity DNA Test

At Long Island DNA Testing, we make the process as seamless and straightforward for you as possible. Our team of experts is always ready to help you and is just a call away. Long Island Testing provides Legal DNA Paternity Tests, as they are the only relation DNA Tests available in New York State.

Don't know which test is right for you? Call us for more details and guidance on Paternity Testing.  

Paternity Testing: Our Services


Where to get a DNA test on Long Island

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Accredited DNA Testing Long Island


Admissible DNA Testing Long Island


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Paternity Testing: Accepted Insurance


Our tests are not only the most accurate, but our customers equally love our highly trained staff and exceptional services. It is because we deliver what we promise! A service company

Relationship DNA testing is performed to affirm the biological relationship between the child and other relatives, both close and distant and is significantly essential for family reconstruction. Since our founding, Long Island Testing has provided high-quality relationship DNA testing services to thousands of people with an unmatchable accuracy of 99.9%.

Immigration DNA Test Long Island


Whether you are sponsoring a family member or are immigrating to the USA yourself, Long Island DNA Testing, has extensive experience in DNA testing for immigration purposes and are, therefore, well aware of the legal requisites for such testing. Our partner lab is AABB accredited and helps make the process even more seamless for you!

Siblingship DNA Test Long Island


Performed to develop a biological relationship between siblings, be it half-siblings or full siblings, our Siblingship DNA test is highly accurate. We are proud to have reunited several families over the last five years.

Grandparent DNA Test Long Island


This test can be performed even in the absence of the father and can also be performed as an alternative to a paternity test in case the alleged father is unavailable. Long Island DNA Testing is proud to be the trendsetter in DNA testing in Long Island.

Paternity Testing: Accepted Insurance

DNA Testing in Long Island, NY

Relationship DNA Tests in Nassau and Suffolk County

Our tests are not only the most accurate, but our customers equally love our highly trained staff and exceptional services. It is because we deliver what we promise! A service company at heart, nothing is more valuable to us than your smile! That is why we provide international testing services in Long Island at an affordable price.



Located in Uniondale, right outside of Hempstead in Nassau County, the experienced staff at Long Island Testing Center is always striving to provide the best care for you and your loved ones. Our testimonials are proof of our hard work, diligence, and our passion for serving you. Schedule your appointment now!

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Our Suffolk DNA Testing clinic is located in Melville, in the town of Huntington. Our staff at Suffolk centre is always looking forward to impressing you with their outstanding services. Call now to make an appointment!

Paternity Testing: Our Services
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