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Grandparents DNA Testing on Long Island, NY

As the leading DNA Testing center in Long Island, Long Island DNA Testing offers the most advanced Grandparents DNA Testing. A grandparent DNA test establishes the biological relationship between a child and alleged grandparents. It is as accurate as a paternity test. Long Island DNA Testing upholds its promise of providing the highest accuracy and fastest results. All results are provided within 3-5 business days.

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Grandparent DNA Test

Our Grandparents DNA test has an accuracy of 99.9%, whereas a single grandparent test has an accuracy of 92%. It is also used to establish a paternity test in case of the unavailability of the alleged father. In such cases, a Duo Grandparents DNA test, along with maternity test, strengthens the conclusiveness of these results resulting in an accuracy of 99.9% or more. Other than strengthening a paternity test, the Grandparent DNA test is also used for medical history, insurance claims, and inheritance claims.

Grandparent DNA Test: Our Services


A service company at heart, nothing is more valuable to us than your smile! That is why we provide international testing services in Long Island at an affordable price. Our staff complies with the most stringent regulations and standards. Our painless, non-invasive, and quick process with unparalleled results accuracy makes us different from our competitors.

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Accredited DNA Testing Long Island


Admissible DNA Testing Long Island


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Coverage You Can Count On

Relationship DNA testing is used to affirm the biological relationship between the child and other relatives. Long Island DNA Testing provides high-quality relationship DNA testing services to thousands of people with an unmatchable accuracy of 99.9%.

Long Island DNA Testing Paternity


For the last five years, the professional staff at Long Island DNA Testing has provided outstanding paternity testing services in Long Island. We take extreme pride in our latest technology. We also offer mobile home paternity testing

Long Island DNA Testing Immigration


Whether you are sponsoring a family member or are immigrating to the USA yourself, Long Island DNA Testing, has extensive experience in DNA testing for immigration purposes and are, therefore, well aware of the legal requisites for such testing. Our partner lab is AABB accredited and helps make the process even more seamless for you!

Long Island DNA Testing Siblingship


Performed to develop a biological relationship between siblings, be it half-siblings or full siblings, our Siblingship DNA test is highly accurate. We are proud to have reunited several families over the last five years.

Grandparent DNA Test: Accepted Insurance

DNA Testing in Long Island, NY

Relationship DNA Tests in Nassau and Suffolk County

Our tests are not only the most accurate, but our customers equally love our highly trained staff and exceptional services. It is because we deliver what we promise! A service company at heart, nothing is more valuable to us than your smile! That is why we provide international testing services in Long Island at an affordable price.



Located in Uniondale, right outside of Hempstead in Nassau County, the experienced staff at Long Island Testing Center is always striving to provide the best care for you and your loved ones. Our testimonials are proof of our hard work, diligence, and our passion for serving you. Schedule your appointment now!

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Our Suffolk DNA Testing clinic is located in Melville, in the town of Huntington. Our staff at Suffolk centre is always looking forward to impressing you with their outstanding services. Call now to make an appointment!

Grandparent DNA Test: Our Services
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