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Welcome to Long Island DNA Testing

Paternity & Relationship DNA Tests in Long Island

At Long Island DNA Testing, we're focused on providing you and your friends and family with excellent consideration in a sympathetic and friendly atmosphere. Serving people in Nassau and Suffolk, Long Island DNA Testing is known to be the best Paternity Testing Service on Long Island.

DNA testing is performed with a buccal swab, instead of blood as in past practices and conform to all standards set forth by AABB accredited laboratories.

Long Island DNA Testing will help you consistently. Our hardworking staff not only has a vast experience in this field but also guarantees a hassle-free and quick process that will only take a few minutes.


Long Island DNA Testing Difference

You have definitely heard of a number of DNA testing centers offering multiple services and promising the best facilities. So you might wonder why you should choose us over them. The answer is simple; BECAUSE WE ACTUALLY DELIVER WHAT WE PROMISE! 

Accurate: Our accredited partner paternity lab is equipped with modern testing machines boasting the latest technological features. It means that your test results are more accurate and reliable than ever! All results are based on sound and fundamental scientific principles. 

Accredited: Our partner lab center follows the most rigorous quality standards, ensuring the application of state regulations as well as national quality standards. We not only promise high-quality services, but we deliver them too.

Confidentiality: Your test results are confidential! This means that only the parties involved receive the DNA results.

Admissibility: At Long Island DNA Testing, we comprehend the need for submitting the test results to a court of law. That is why we also provide a court-admissible version of test results that is not only easy to understand but also meets the prerequisites of law, including but not limited to: 

  • Confirmation of the identity of parties being tested.

  • Witnessing of the entire sample collection process by an unbiased person

  • Signing the Chain-of-Custody Witness Document as a witness to the collection. 

Affordability: What makes us admired and favorable is our affordability. Providing the highest quality tests and results at a significantly lower cost is a demanding task, but we take it as our pride to deliver accredited services at economical rates and flexible plans.   

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Accredited DNA Testing Long Island


Admissible DNA Testing Long Island


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Paternity Testing Long Island

Paternity Testing

A paternity test essentially uses your DNA to establish a biological connection with your father. If you’re not sure who the father of your child is, or you are adopted and want to discover about your parents, a paternity test is the easiest solution. 


A DNA paternity test works by comparing the child’s DNA with the expected father’s DNA. If the child’s DNA resembles the father’s DNA it’s a match! The Y chromosome passes practically unaltered from father to child.  This not only allows for the identification of the child’s father but is also used to trace down your paternal line. 

Legal DNA paternity testing is essentially required for:

  • Child custody and support

  • Adoption

  • Immigration

  • Will

  • Proving  paternity in a courtroom

  • Changing the name on a birth certificate

  • Other legal reasons


At Long Island DNA Testing, we offer:

  • Legal DNA Paternity Test: Your sample will be collected and processed at our lab. All results are private and confidential and provided only to legal authorities upon court order. Your information is safe with us!

  • Home DNA Paternity Test: One of our DNA collectors can come to your house to perform your DNA test, all in the comfort of your own home. 

At Long Island DNA Testing, we provide relationship DNA testing services as well, which are primarily fundamental in family reconstruction. These are particularly helpful in finding or discovering your close as well as second tier relationships, including but not limited to:

Sibling DNA Testing Long Island


DNA helps to establish a biological connection with not only your parents but also with your siblings. Thanks to technological advancements, this can be done even in the absence of one of your parents. Furthermore, it can also elaborate if the siblings discovered are full siblings or half-siblings!

Immigration DNA Testing Long Island


DNA testing is fundamental for immigration purposes. Our efficient staff has extensive experience in DNA testing for immigration purposes and can easily comprehend just how to streamline the process for you!

Grandparent DNA Test Long Island


At Long Island DNA Testing, we offer grandparents DNA testing to establish a genetic connection between the child and grandparents. It is also useful to establish paternity especially in case of unavailability of the father.

DNA Testing in Long Island, NY

Due to present-day advancements in DNA and paternity testing, DNA testing is much easier than ever! It can be done as easily as through mouth swabs. The procedure is effortless and just requires a DNA collector to wipe the swab within your cheeks for a couple of moments. This is then sent to an accredited lab where your DNA will be contrasted with the sample of your relative to show your biological association. 



A Happier, Healthier You

Located in Lake Success, close to the town of Hempstead in Nassau County, the experienced staff at Long Island Testing Center is always striving to provide the best care for you and your loved ones. Our testimonials are proof of our hard work, diligence, and our passion for serving you. Schedule your appointment now!

Suffolk. New York. USA on a geography ma


Here For You

Our Suffolk DNA Testing clinic is located in Melville, in the town of Huntington. Our staff at Suffolk centre is always looking forward to impressing you with their outstanding services. Call now to make an appointment!

Long Island DNA Testing

We’re here for you when you need us! Call us to schedule an appointment, or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Long Island DNA Testing of Nassau - 516-274-0724 | Long Island DNA Testing of Suffolk - 631-760-7072

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